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Galera 07 / Ship repair

Production capacity

The company carries out hull repairs of small and large vessels. Repair of ventilation heads, hatches, doors, aluminum traps, stainless steel products, etc.


Combined Plasma and Gas Oxygen Cutting Machine

The company has a modern combined machine for plasma and oxygen cutting. The table size is 2000mm x 6000mm. The plasma cutting thickness range for metal is up to 14mm, for oxygen cutting is up to 70mm.

Abcant Press

Abcant press: HACO SYNCHROMASTER 30250 has a digital control and a touch screen. It has a multi-prism with four channels respectively: 16, 22, 35, 50 mm, as well as a single prism with a channel width: 80 mm.

Four-roll Bending Machine

The machine that is available in Galera 07 Ltd makes it possible to bend cylinders and truncated cones with a minimum diameter of 300 mm. The length of the curved parts, up to a thickness of 10 mm, can reach 3000 mm.

Band Saw Machines

The company has two band saws, enabling fast and accurate cutting of profile material with a height up to 460 mm

Pipe Bending Press

Press bends black and colored tubes up to 3″ in diameter (ø89)

Lathes and milling machines

The company has a lathe for single and small-scale production of details of ferrous, non-ferrous metals and alloys. The extra lunette enables long shafts to be machined.

Stationary Drills

Few stationary drills allow fast and safe drilling work.

Welding Machines

Welding is one of the main activities of Galera 07 Ltd. The company has many modern welding machines of companies, leading in the supply of welding equipment – ESAB. LINCOLN et al.

Forklifts 7t and 3t

They allow work on details located outside the closed workshop area. High speed at loading and unloading activities.


The MANITOU MT 1840 A 100P telehandler and its accessories: paddle, platform for height work and forks for lifting, provide for altitude activities as well as high speed during loading and unloading.